Time, Travel, Treasure or Talk!


Do you have extra time? Are you willing to work for a good cause? We are looking for both international and domestic volunteers! Dedicate a few hours a month, or maybe even a few days out of the year to help us get our word out and generate support for our farmers and students!

We are always looking for domestic volunteers with knowledge of:

  • Marketing and communications
  • Fundraising
  • Any and all apply!


Traveling half-way across the globe isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you, join us on our next trip! We are always looking for skilled and qualified volunteers to help us bring advanced agricultural and educational knowledge to the friends and families we serve in Uganda and India.   

Currently, we are looking for volunteers with expertise in the following areas:

  • Plant and soil science
  • Farm animal science and husbandry
  • Small business management

Maybe you have a group looking for an opportunity to work together and be a blessing beyond your hometown. We love to accommodate group trips that coincide with our mission and values! Email us at office@fieldofhope.org for more information!


Have you been financially blessed? Are you looking for ways to expand that blessing? There are a variety of ways you can partner with us. From one-time donations, to smallholder farmer matches, and even to our Founder’s Circle, we would be honored to help you be a steward of God’s blessing! We are also equipped to accommodate non-monetary treasures, such as donations of grain and other harvests that are tax-wise to the producers!



Maybe you’re not quite sure what you have to tangibly contribute to Field of Hope today. That’s okay! We ask that you talk to God about what He plans for you and Field of Hope and tell your family and friends about our mission and our work!

For more information on any of our partnership opportunities, email office@fieldofhope.org!