Every August and September, our lives get busier as we prepare our children and students to return to school. While the supply lists seem endless, we can all rest knowing our children will have desks to sit at and rulers to use! We pray that they are able to learn a lot and dream big as we, ourselves, picture the grand future ahead of them. Some may go on to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, or CEOs. Some may even go on to be agriculturists, which we at Field of Hope will celebrate. How beautiful are the endless opportunities? 

Sponsor an Agricultural Class in Uganda

Another beautiful opportunity is one that is more instant in timeliness and holds the chance to impact hundreds - the opportunity to sponsor an agricultural class in Uganda. As of September 2019, Field of Hope has gifted curriculum to over 73 schools throughout the country, impacting over 22,000 children! We are gearing up to award five $1,000 grants to five different schools. The best part? There is a desire for EVEN MORE! To meet that demand, we are inviting you to join us. You can help as an individual, class or group by:
  • $250 to sponsor two levels of curriculum, 
  • $500 to sponsor four levels of curriculum, or 
  • $750 to sponsor four levels of curriculum and an “Ag Box” of tools and materials (i.e. beakers, soil testers, hoes, etc.). 
It’s as simple as that. Additionally, each instructor will receive two free teacher-trainings per year! On average, one Field of Hope school hosts ~150 agriculture students. Help them achieve success through sponsoring their class!

Cultural Exchange with Your Class or Club

You and your students will have the opportunity for cultural exchange through letters, photos, and Zoom conferences - enriching the lives of your class or club and those in Uganda!
We also welcome private single donor sponsorships. You don’t need to be a group or class to help a school in Uganda!

Connect with your Ugandan School

There are two ways to start sponsoring a Ugandan school.  You can either fill out the online form and send your donation in online.

Complete the Online Form & Submit Payment online

Or you can download and send in the form along with a check to:

Field of Hope
8805 Chambery Blvd, Suite 300-225
Johnston, IA 50131

Download and Print the Form