See the people and communities Field of Hope is helping and how we are making an impact on their lives.

“How do we miss this? How do we ignore this? And what needs in the world am I turning a blind eye to?”

Follow Field of Hope volunteer Whitney Thurmond as she discovers a role to play and a call to answer. “Never Give Up: A Field of Hope Story” captures what it means to volunteer with Field of Hope. This project chronicles a FOH team’s curriculum development service trip to Uganda in October, 2016. The team met with teachers and both youth and adult learners to assess the educational needs of FOH partners, all to develop an authentic and responsive agricultural curriculum based on first-hand observations. FOH's longtime partner Vivayic is developing the curriculum to match the needs and spirit of Uganda’s learners.

Director Bud Force of Ultralite Films and producer by Brian Hogue of Arable Media collaborated with Tobin Redwine of the department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications at Texas A&M University to create a vivid account of the work and impact Field of Hope pursues around the world. And those impacts are marked by stories of profound insight, caring and beauty.

Ultimately, this project shows what it looks like to serve with FOH, and issues a call for new volunteer stories to tell.

This is Whitney’s story. What will your story be?

Village of Hope is an orphan care center in Northern Uganda, and Mike and Janelle Doud are the Directors. While in the US during the summer of 2014, the Douds met with Field of Hope board members Dan & Anne Strempke and Mike & Cathy Hafner to discuss the role FOH has played in helping Village of Hope establish their drip irrigation garden.

Agnes is Agricultural Coordinator for Victory Outreach Ministries Agricultural Program in Lira, Uganda. Field of Hope has facilitated training sessions with VOMAP and has funded a micro-finance package to facilitate the purchase of four tractors and plows. Field of Hope has also helped fund a water system and drip irrigation garden at Barlonyo.

Here, Agnes updates us on the importance of mechanization in their ministry, the progress of the drip irrigation garden, and the positive effects of training sessions facilitated by Field of Hope.

This year’s class consisted of thirteen girls and four boys, much different from last year’s class which had a majority of boys and was very boisterous. The girls were shy and very quiet, and the class was nearly silent the first few sessions. So, to begin our classes, the students would designate a person to lead us in song. This immediately got the kids going and ready for the class.

Agnes from Uganda had many "Firsts" when she visited the US, and this shows her riding in a John Deere combine during corn harvest. This wonderful adventure was provided by Daniel Callahan of Callahan Farms in Seaton, Illinois. Agnes is riding in the buddy seat and is mostly hidden by the rear-view mirror. The video was taken by Field of Hope's Mike, riding alongside in the tractor pulling the grain cart. Many thanks to Brandy and her parents Doug and Anita Chaffer for arranging this experience!

A young girl who at one time was captured and abused by Joseph Kony's LRA beautifully presents the Otino Waa Creed at Otino Waa Orphanage in Lira.

Check out the Lira Street Market! Watch for the occasional bicycle taxi and observe the great variety of items offered in this open air market.

In early July 2012, a 6-day Smallholder Training class was presented to district farmers and NGO reps at Victory Outreach Ministry in Lira, Northern Uganda. On the final day, participants spontaneously began to stand and talk about what this training meant to them and how it was going to change their lives. Finally, one man said they needed to sing, and this video captures their a capella song. It was an overwhelming experience for Willie, the BathoPele trainer, and Brandy and Mike from Field of Hope.

Ernest from Batho Pele Consultants engages the farmer-students during the first day of smallholder training provided by John Deere South Africa.

During the first 2011 trip to Lira, Northern Uganda, Field of Hope directors Mike and Brandy captured special moments to share with Field of Hope Friends.

Brandy and Mike, along with Chester of Crossroads and Agnes of VOMAP, were invited to lunch with Peter and other farmers. This conversation between Peter, Chester, and Agnes followed lunch and illustrates the farmers’ desire for tractors.