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*Because of lodging and transportation expenses, trip fees vary depending on your destination and duration of travel. Field of Hope will pay for hotels, meals, and in-country transportation from the Trip Fees collected from each participant.
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Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form
We appreciate and thank you for your volunteer service to Field of Hope and to the people we serve. At the same time, we must be prudent and wise stewards of Field of Hope. Accordingly, we are including this statement as a part of the Registration Packet.
Field of Hope Team Covenant

We are humbled by your willingness to volunteer and partner with Field of Hope on this trip and will work hard to make your trip as worthwhile, meaningful, and enjoyable as possible. This Covenant has been developed to share essential points about Field of Hope, the adventure ahead, and the sights and sounds you will experience. We invite you to discuss these points with us, if you have questions.

We ask that you agree to this Covenant by initialing each statement and signing and dating at the end.

You may have traveled internationally, even to the developing world. Nevertheless, your trip to Northern Uganda or India may be like nothing you have ever experienced. ALL of your senses will be assailed, and you may see conditions that are heartbreaking.