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Student Demonstration Gardens

The Student Demonstration Gardens are an initiative that demonstrates modern agricultural practices, such as drip irrigation, to students in order to teach them the proper operation of drip irrigation systems, as well as proper agronomic care. It is our hope that they will someday use this knowledge within their own gardens and pass on this information to local farmers. These gardens also serve as an opportunity for children’s homes to decrease their food costs by growing the children’s food on their compound, with the chance to sell surplus for extra income – demonstrating a successful farming business to their students.

Curriculum Development

Alongside our training development partner, Vivayic, Field of Hope has been working to develop an all-inclusive and interactive secondary agricultural education curriculum that deals with all phases and forms of agriculture. As most education practices in Uganda rely on rote memorization, our curriculum meets the country standards and includes hands-on and project-based learning for our students. The curriculum for S1 (freshman equivalent) has been completed and is currently being piloted by ten schools in northern Uganda. The S2 curriculum is in the middle phase of development. The goal of this curriculum is to inspire and excite students about agriculture as an industry and a career and to show them the correct practices to make their enterprises into successful businesses.

Inspiring Students in Agriculture Grant

In 2017, Field of Hope established “Students in Agriculture Grants”, to encourage the teachers who are already focused on preparing youth for ag-related futures, and to inspire students by enhancing their learning experiences through various agriculture-related projects, demonstrations, and field trips. These grants can supplement our curriculum and garden initiatives by growing students’ familiarity with the entire industry, inside and outside of the classroom.

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