Would you like to volunteer?

We need volunteers of various agricultural knowledge skill sets. We will match you up with the appropriate projects in developing countries that would benefit from your skill sets.

We are looking for the following skill sets:

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Agronomy and gardening strategies
  • Cooperatives
  • Agricultural methods with mechanization

Never Give Up: A Volunteer Story

“How do we miss this?
How do we ignore this?
And what needs in the world am I turning a blind eye to?”

Follow Field of Hope volunteer Whitney Thurmond as she discovers a role to play and a call to answer.

This is Whitney’s story. What will your story be?

Preparing for trips to Uganda

Guide to Volunteering Overseas

Use the Volunteer Guide to help you prepare, pack and know what to expect when traveling internationally with Field of Hope.

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Interested going on a trip with us? Please fill out a registration form. You can either print and mail the registration form to our office or scan and email it to office@fieldofhope.org.

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Volunteer Photos

See photos of the area, the lodging and what to pack.

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