In the midst of non-profits working in developing countries, Field of Hope has determined there is a significant gap in several areas of agriculture development.  We believe Field of Hope is uniquely qualified to fill these gaps.  They are as follows: 

Why Irrigation

Developing countries have made some small levels of progress in agricultural knowledge and development. One problem that is not going away is the lack of food in long periods of dry seasons in Sub-Saharan Africa. This challenge exists in spite of a fairly high water table and relatively good soil. Irrigation holds great potential to increase food security and alleviate hunger, especially during the dry season.

Meeting the Need

Field of Hope partners with existing organizations targeting smallholder farmers and orphans to help them become more self-sustaining. We encourage irrigation solutions because we understand the importance of water.

Why Mechanization

It is easy to believe that mechanization is a simple fix to the challenges of food security and hunger in developing countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Unfortunately, those who have tried this approach have seen significant failures. Numerous broken-down tractors litter the landscape in developing countries. 

Field of Hope believes in Appropriate Mechanization, meaning enabling mechanization when there is a customer-ready machine, for a machine-ready customer. For mechanization to work, there needs to be appropriate training as well as parts and service support for the customer. The operators and customer need to be trained in operation, maintenance and light repair. 

Meeting the Need

Field of Hope is uniquely qualified to enable this activity. We introduce and support mechanization initiatives because we understand the relationship between farm power and productivity.

Why Training

Field of Hope has found a sizeable gap in basic agricultural knowledge, from business planning, to agronomic practices, to financial practices, to appropriate mechanization. In addition to men and women smallholder farmers, we have found a significant population of secondary school students who are very interested in pursuing careers in modern agriculture.  

Meeting the Need

Field of Hope has a passion to train these people who rely on agriculture for their livelihood
and those who see a future in agriculture. We build a bridge across the knowledge gap by training on modern farming practices and setting up demonstrations to prove results.