Restoration Gateway near Karuma, Uganda. RG is an orphan care center in northern Uganda that provides primary and secondary education and also has a significant health care facility. In 2016, Field of Hope and Restoration Gateway installed drip irrigation into part of the large student garden. The students prepared the garden beds and worked with supplier Balton to put in the system. The system initially covers 1/4 acre, but was built to have the capacity to easily expand to cover 1/2 acre. This drip system will provide several different functions for Restoration Gateway…

  • It will serve as a garden demonstration plot for showcasing various vegetable gardening practices, including new crops and weed and pest control.
  • The garden will produce vegetables that can be consumed at Restoration Gateway or will generate income as vegetables are sold to people in nearby villages.
  • The garden will augment the agriculture education curriculum currently being taught by Lianna Scholz, who volunteers for Field of Hope as well as for Restoration Gateway. Lianna teaches ag education to primary and secondary students and works with the students to manage the vegetable garden. Students will be able to demonstrate ag principles from their classroom learning. The students work in the drip garden one hour each week, and several also have 2 meter square personal gardens. The students also manage a separate large garden not under drip.