Training and Support

Our work with the Otino Waa Children’s Village began in 2013 with two months of training in basic agronomy to two groups of secondary students, along with practical experience in establishing a drip garden. Otino Waa then added ag training to their regular secondary curriculum. The Noble Foundation supplied procedures and equipment for lab experiences, which have been presented on several... More

In 2015, we met Dr. Tim and Janice McCall and toured Restoration Gateway.

Lianna Scholz, who is sponsored by First United Methodist Church in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and also receives some support from Field of Hope, has been teaching two secondary agriculture classes at RG since 2015.

In 2016, a student drip garden was installed.

Field of Hope is working with Vivayic, our training development partners, to develop an all-inclusive student agricultural training curriculum that deals with all phases of crop production. We are in our first year of a four-year project. Volunteer Lianna Scholz, who teaches at Restoration Gateway, is providing Vivayic with her practical expertise in the course development and is also testing... More

Field of Hope is providing basic agronomic training to 160 women in four Northern Uganda districts.  This training consists of proper agronomic practices and training in pest and disease control, as well as harvest techniques and post-harvest handling and storage practices. The women are working to form cooperatives and are also participating in Village Savings and Loan... More

Field of Hope partnered with John Deere South Africa to conduct 100 Level farmer education using the John Deere smallholder-training curriculum. This training covers business planning, mechanization and agronomic topics.

Training developer partner Vivayic built a 200 Level farmer training course.  We taught this course to a farmer group in Northern Uganda. This group also was... More

In 2017, Field of Hope established “Students in Agriculture Grants, to encourage the teachers who are already focused on preparing youth for ag-related futures, and to inspire students by enhancing their learning experiences through various agriculture-related projects, demonstrations, and field trips.

Otino Waa applied for the Field of Hope “Students in Agriculture” grant. The... More

Provided tractor technical training to VOMAP mechanics, operators, and farmer groups. Training included preventive maintenance, minor repair and operator training.


  • Field of Hope provided a drip irrigation garden at the Otino Waa Children’s Village
  • This garden provides vegetables for consumption by the students as well as produce for their local restaurant
  • The garden is also used to educate students about modern agronomic practices and drip irrigation

Restoration Gateway near Karuma, Uganda. RG is an orphan care center in northern Uganda that provides primary and secondary education and also has a significant health care facility. In 2016, Field of Hope and Restoration Gateway installed drip irrigation into part of the large student garden. The students prepared the garden beds and worked with supplier Balton to put in the system. The... More

Board Members Steve and Faith Meinzen are heading up Field of Hope in India, beginning with the September 2016 drip irrigation project at the Dayavu Boys Home in Kannivadi. This drip irrigation system was installed in the coconut and guava groves, with plans to add irrigation to a garden

Calo Me Lare (Village of Redemption) is a children's home and a new partner of Field of Hope. In June 2017 the Youth Group of Prairie Ridge Church in Ankeny, Iowa, traveled to Uganda for a mission trip. They worked with the Calo Me Lare house mamas and another team of young adults from our partner (Victory Outreach... More

  • Field of Hope, along with our partners Crossroads Christian Communication and Victory Outreach Ministries Agricultural Program (VOMAP), installed the first model irrigation project in Northern Uganda in October-November 2012
  • Field of Hope purchased a 1.65 acre garden site adjacent to a new school and medical clinic in the village of Barlonyo
  • A solar pump system with... More

Field of Hope Interns

Alexa Major is a Master of International Agriculture student at Oklahoma State, working on her thesis focused on women empowerment in Africa.

She is originally from Fowler, Colorado, and received her undergraduate degree in agricultural communications from Texas Tech. Alexa grew up around agriculture on her dad's cattle and horse ranch and participated in 4H and FFA where she showed a... More

Ryan Danker is Field of Hope's undergraduate intern. He is currently a senior at Oklahoma State University, where he is majoring in Agribusiness. He grew up in Wellston, Oklahoma.

He is stationed in Lira, Uganda, this summer, where he focuses on working with Field of Hope's partners and assisting them with their drip irrigation systems.

Ryan is pictured kayaking... More


Field of Hope and Crossroads Christian Communications  assisted Victory Outreach Ministries with the purchase of four John Deere 5503 tractors.  This assistance took the form of:

  • Down payment assistance on the tractors
  • An agricultural finance fund from which VOMAP has borrowed and is repaying, which will rebuild the fund to enable future tractor purchases... More