Training and Support

  • Field of Hope will present Level 100 and Level 200 agricultural training to the communities surrounding orphan care centers, when requested
  • Guide and inform future purchasers of mechanization pieces of the costs involved in owning, operating and maintaining tractors and implements.
  • Train students in proper operation, maintenance, repair and safety aspects of tractors and implements.
  • Help students build a business plan for building a successful farmer/contractor business using mechanization.
  • This module would provide a readiness checklist, thorough training on installation, farming practices under drip irrigation, pest & disease control, mulching, and soil fertility


Kannavadi drip orchard and garden project - continuing development
  • Additional coconut and teak trees
  • Design a 5-year planting schedule
  • Incorporate mulch and test soils to fine-tune nutrients
  • Provide training in soil management, vegetable / fruit selection, water use, and tropical best practices
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We intend to continue to install drip irrigation systems at orphan care centers.  We will help build the business plan for proper maintenance and operation of these gardens.  In addition:

  • Students will learn the proper operation and maintenance of drip gardens and can share that with surrounding farmers.
  • Students will learn the proper agronomic care for drip... More